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Certified: 20 hour Air Brake Course.

  • 16 hours of classroom theory
  • 4 hours practical and testing

Course Fee: $240.00

Prerequisite:Must have valid driver’s license: Class 4, 5, 6, 7/8,"L or N"

Material Provided:

  • Commercial Vehicles (A Guide for Professional Drivers and Air Brake Equipped Vehicle Drivers, British Columbia Air Brake Manual.)
  • Information package containing manufacturer's data and service bulletins etc.

Easy to Follow Power Point Presentation

  • Air Brakes Part #1
  • Air Brakes Part #2

Video Presentation

  • Safe Down Hill Braking Practices
  • (ABS) for Trucks Tractors and Trailers
  • Stooping with Air
  • Brake Adjustments, Auto and Manual Slack Adjusters

Hands on with Air Brake Simulator and Lab Equipment.

Course Objective:

This is an ICBC approved course required to prepare students for the test to acquire a BC Air Brake Endorsement. Students are required to complete 16 hours of theory in the classroom utilizing an air equipped training board and hands-on foundation brake. Students are required to pass an air brake knowledge test and a practical test on an air-equipped vehicle. The practical training and testing requires the student to identify the air brake components and perform a thorough pre-trip examination. Upon successful completion of the knowledge test and practical assessment at our facility, the student must appear at an ICBC Driver Service Center within 90 days, to complete the final touch screen exam.

  • There is an 80% mark required on the touch screen exam to pass.
  • Students are required to bring a valid driver's license to class and on assessment day.
  • Testing and certification is conducted by qualified Saferway Driver Training Assessment Officers.
  • All tests and assessments are performed on Saferway equipment.
  • The student is responsible for all ICBC fees (knowledge tests, licence and road test) and medical fees.