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Instructor Training

We offer several courses: Class 1/5, Class 5, Class 1 Upgrade (from Class 5) and Class 6 - The courses are exempt from GST, tax deductible and meet requirements for funding.

    Employment Opportunities

  • Do you enjoy driving? Do you like to work with people?
  • Would you like the opportunity to be able to teach?
  • The job of an Approved Driving Instructor is interesting and very rewarding.

a.) Class 1/5 Practical 60 Hrs. Theory 60 Hrs. 120 Hrs.

Price:: $6,495.00

b.) Class 5 Practical 40 Hrs. Theory 40 Hrs. 80 Hrs.

Price:: $3,095.00

c.)Class 1 Upgrade (from Class 5) 40 hours

Price:: $3,400.00

d.) Class 6 Practical 42 Hrs. Theory 40 Hrs. 82 Hrs.

Price:: $3895.00

Car and Classroom Instructors:

  • Driving instructors come from all walks of life; teachers, ex-service personnel, factory workers, secretaries, housewives, office, administration staff, salesmen, tradesmen, drivers, commercial operators, the self-employed and many others.
  • The skill of being able to relate to and teach a variety of people is one of the most important attributes that a good instructor must possess.In addition to the people skills, you will also need some degree of self-discipline, professionalism, and a good sense of responsibility that a job such as this requires.
  • Job satisfaction is high. There is nothing like the feeling of a job well done, when a pupil passes their test.

Commercial Truck Instructors:

  • Full Time and Part Time Career Opportunities Teaching. We are seeking individuals with a background in the trucking industry as a professional truck driver and a strong interest in training.

The ideal candidate will be:

  • Passionate about promoting and improving the professionalism of truck drivers.
  • An experienced operator.
  • Have an interest in and demonstrated aptitude for teaching.
  • Comfortable with computers and advanced technology.
  • Willing to work shifts and weekends if necessary.
  • Able to relate to teaching a variety of people, this is one of the most important attributes that a good instructor must possess.
  • Happy to be home every day.

Motorcycle Instructor Training Course:

  • We are always on the lookout for qualified motorcycle riders to become instructors at Saferway Driver Training School Ltd.
  • Our instructors find their part-time work rewarding in many ways and are happy to give something back to the sport that they enjoy so much.
  • Our Motorcycle Instructor Training Course combines theory and practical training conducted off street and in traffic.
  • Riding demonstrations and practice, course observation, role playing and presentations are integrated into this course.

We provide ICBC Certified Instructor Courses.

For employment opportunities at Saferway please contact our office.