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We are Not Currently Offering Motorcycle Training -

Please check with us in the Spring of 2017

Motorcycle Training Course


Our certified motorcycle course teaches the riding skills needed to cope with today’s traffic and hazards, and takes you from beginner to the Motorcycle Road Test at ICBC, using our equipment.

Certified Motorcycle Training Course

  • The course is physically and mentally demanding!

  • Students must be prepared to train in all weather conditions.

  • Students must have appropriate gear, and apparel, i.e.; rain gear, proper riding boots, gloves, approved eye protection etc.

  • The course includes classroom theory.

  • Riding range maneuvers.

  • The motorcycle skills assessment (MSA) conducted by a Saferway Assessment Officer,

  • A full day road ride traffic skills component (TSC).

  • Student must successfully complete the MSA and Traffic Skills course to use a motorcycle for ICBC road test.

  • Helmets, safety vests, and motorcycles provided for use during training and road test.


  • Class Six Learners Licence from ICBC

  • ICBC requires learners licence be held for a minimum 30 days before Road Test can be taken.

Course Fee: $775.00 plus tax

The student is responsible for all ICBC fees (knowledge tests, licence and road test) and medical fees.

Other Motorcycle Courses

Traffic Skills Course

  • Improve your riding and road sense skills with an all-day trip around the city and surrounding area. Please call for availability and pricing. We also offer one on one, training for riders wishing to upgrade their skills.

Please call for availability and pricing.