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To SaferWay Driver training:

My name is Garry Clode.
I took your Class 1 course. I would like to say I was very pleased with the way things are done there. I came in to get my class 3 at which time Amie asked me all kinds of questions IE: what I was looking to do with my license once I had it and gave me some info/options on how to make my license to work for me. I went home and talked to many people in the industry and found out that the info I was give was spot on and to my surprise it wasn't a pay more money scenario. In fact I wasn't told to take the most expensive package either. I took only what I needed. I really enjoyed taking the class room courses (air brakes, dangerous cargo) and was glad that they were “over taught”, what I mean is, there was more info then just any driver needed and I don’t want to be any driver I want to know as much as I can to be the best I can and again my expectations were exceeded. So my next step was to drive a tractor and trailer. I had driven large 5 tons a lot but a 53’ trailer seemed a little scary but after the first day my nerves were settled. I found equipment we used was well maintained. My instructors both Ian and Randy are the best; they had a calming effect and never pushed me past my ability. We all wanted me to get better but not rushed and their method worked, really work. I had experience in driving and knew some things. And me being me wondered at first is this really the way I should be taught but I put my faith in the Saferway system and I passed with flying colors first time I asked before I took my test if I should get more hours on the road first I was told no I was good to go at which point I had my second example of Saferway not trying to dig money out of people’s pockets. I can’t say thank you enough to Saferway (Ian, Randy and Amy) for being a well working team. I’d like to say Randy you have a great company and Ian your one heck of an instructor full of knowledge and such a great demeanor, and Amie you’re the obviously the glue thank you for organizing everything in such a timely manner. Thank you all..

Thank you to all the staff at Saferway Driving School

Chris Leach
Thank you to all the staff at Saferway Driving School. Very Professional organization which makes every effort to help you through the process. Ian and Larry are wonderful instructors who have a lot of patience and experience. Amie is always there to help you with your schedule and let you know about new jobs in the industry. I got a job within 24hrs of passing my Road test and I think being from Saferway had a lot to do with it. My instructor at my new Job is very surprised at how advanced I am with a minimum amount of Hours behind the wheel. Good job Saferway.

Thanks to all the great people at Saferway I have my Class 1

Ken Swithin
Thanks to all the great people at Saferway I have my Class 1. A really solid program with caring teachers. I want to thank Larry for Air Brakes, Amie for working with me on training time, Mark for another point of view, and most of all Ian. Best teacher I've ever had, thanks all. Ken

Wow! Saferway has been operating for a long time.

Susan Degryp
Wow! Saferway has been operating for a long time. I took their air brakes and class 4 course over 20 years ago (only woman in the class and all the guys tried to cheat off me) It was a great course and led me to getting hired by BC Transit. I totally recommend them!

I took lessons to get ready for my class 4 road test with Saferway.

Erin McTaggart
I took lessons to get ready for my class 4 road test with Saferway. The instructor was very professional and thorough. He knew the things ICBC would test me on and made sure I was confident doing them. He also took me on a mock road test. I felt so much more prepared going in to the test and I passed! I am now more employable in the childcare and community support worker field. Many summer camps and after school care employers will ask for you to have a class 4 driver's license.

To Saferway Driver Training School.

Bruce Palmer
I attended and passed your Class 1 commercial vehicle training program. I researched three other driving schools, before choosing your school.
None of the other schools stressed safely and responsibly as much as your school did.
It also offered the longest amount of driving time behind the wheel of a tractor. Your school also had the largest amount of trailers to train on 26 ft. pups, to B-train set-ups. I enjoyed every minute of it. Your school reputation helped me to obtain four different truck-driving offers. That was in the first month after passing your training course. I now truck short haul, up and down the island and enjoy my new career.
Your staff at Saferway went all out for me when I was trying to get into your school.
If I had not got the support with my application with Amber training and help with all my questions I know I would have gotten a 36-hour course instead of a 75-hour course.
I can’t thank Larry enough he had the patience to work in my comfort level to break my every bad driving habit. His persistence was the best, and he polished up my driving and reversing skills.
I had never done that type of clutching and was feeling useless in the truck.  In one 8-hour driving lesson I was going through all the gears and felt on top of the world.
Ken all I can say is thanks I went to every class, you drilled a ton of information into my head. I use most of it daily; from logbooks to load set ups on my trailer. You are the man and thanks for telling me that I had what it took to be a good truck driver. All of you have my heart felt thanks.
Yours truly,
Bruce Palmer. Class of Jan 2010.


My name is Bruno Bonazzo
I have just completed an abbreviated Class 1 driver training course.
Having driven commercially for 20 years on highway coach and being in possession of an air brake endorsement on my driver’s license. I was evaluated and from there entered into training.
It was stated by the owner of Saferway, Randy Eckert, that I would not go for my class one test before I was ready and capable. My instructor Ken MacKendry proceeded to give me one on one training in the pre- trip and operation of a tractor trailer unit. The teaching was professional and at the same time friendly. Daily my skill level rose.
At the end of each session of training, the student goes thru an evaluation of the day's events. This time truly gives the student a good reflection of what is and what is not lacking in his goal to achieve a Class 1 license. Because this license usually means monetary benefits for the student, the instructor is truly on your side for you to succeed. But he will not give you a license in a cracker jack box. Again the key word to the training at Saferway is PROFESSIONALISM.
My air brake endorsement was taken thru Saferway and now my Class 1. The team that Randy has put together is a breath of fresh air to the uninitiated. Anyone wondering if the cost of the training is worth the price of admission. Put your mind at ease. You will receive professional, courteous, friendly training that in the end will give you a path to a new career.
Not having taken but having seen the level of professionalism at Saferway, I would highly recommend any driving course they have offered, be it Class 2 or 4 bus training. Class 3 truck or motorcycle instruction. You will receive the tools to succeed.  Thank you to Lisa in the office, Ken MacKendry and Randy Eckert for their attention to detail and a wonderful driving experience….
Yours truly
Bruno Bonazzo

To Randy and all the staff at Saferway

Bob McHugh
To Randy and all the staff at Saferway. Anyone out there who is considering taking a course with Saferway should stop considering and just, DO IT! I have taken many courses over the years and have even taught courses myself. Randy is the best instructor I've ever had. He makes things fun, but as well he lets you know just how important it is to learn "The right way". He is full of passion about his work and really cares about his students and their goals. The course I took, well, I thought my brain was going to explode after the first day (and I'm a very smart guy) but Randy said to all of us, "Don't worry it will all come together tomorrow". He was right, it did. Randy made me feel confident about myself and my answers to questions whether they were right or wrong and did not ever make me feel stupid for saying something that when I look back it must have sounded dumb. That guy just wants you to be good at what you do.....and safe doing what you do. My future employer sends all his guys and girls to I know why. I can't say enough positive things about my time at Saferway. One thing I do know is that I'll be back there to move another step forward in my chosen field. Don't be scared....just do it. Thanks Randy!!!.......ok for now .....Bob McHugh

I flew into Victoria on Tuesday June 15 to do a class 1 driver evaluation.

Wayne McMahon
Hello My name is Wayne McMahon, I flew into Victoria on Tuesday June 15 to do a class 1 driver evaluation for a possible return to work program after a year away from driving a multi axle truck. The reason for this letter is to thank your instructor Ian Wright for his professionalism and making this process very positive .I was put totally at ease when Ian and I started our pre-tip of the truck and trailer, Thank you once again Ian for the run. I'm ready to hit the road again

Thank you Saferway!

Dougal Hubner, North Saanich BC
I have recently completed my class 2 driving license and air brake endorsement with Saferway Driving Training School Ltd. and can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone wishing to attain a new license or upgrade an existing one. The air brake coarse was first-rate and Randy's style of teaching made it easy to quickly grasp and understand the entire air brake system. The Saferway air brake course gave me all the tools I need to feel confident handling any vehicle with air brakes, as well as preparing me very well for the ICBC exam. During the class 2 portion of my course at Saferway, My instructor Ian Wright did a first class job of preparing me for not only the ICBC driving test, but for the real world of driving a large bus on the public roads. Ian's instruction went well beyond the basics and provided the confidence I needed to not only do well on my driving test but also feel comfortable handling a bus on any kind of road or in any kind of traffic. Thank you Saferway!

To Randy and Staff

Melodie Hardy
To Randy and Staff, It has been almost 10 years now since I did my training with you Randy.. It was the best thing I have ever done in regards to training !! I have been employed as a Driver since finishing and have never been unemployed, not to mention the variety of jobs I have been able to learn do to having a Class one .... I want to thank-you Randy for all the advice in class I have remembered everything you taught me and have used it many times over the years !! I have sent many people to you for training and have heard nothing but positive feedback from the ones that did attend your School so keep up the great work and thank-you for everything !!! Melodie Hardy.